How to use Alternate Character ( Opentype features)

Hi, Here I will explain how to use or access alternative characters in a font .. The following image is an example of using alternative characters in a font :


  • Which OTF or TTF is better to install?

If you use software such as Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, Corel Draw or Affinity, you can install fonts with the OTF / TTF format, both are the same.

If you are a user of free software like Inkscape or Cricut then you should install the TTF format fonts.

When viewed in terms of font quality, of course the OTF format font file is better than TTF, but in some cases, Alternative Characters often don’t appear / cannot be accessed if we install OTF fonts for use in Inkscape / Cricut software / Character Map.

  • How to Install Fonts?

If you use software such as Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, Corel Draw or Affinity.. You can “double click” on the font and select “Install”. Or if you have more than one font, you can block all fonts and right click on your mouse and select “Install”

If you use software such as Inkscape or Cricut or via Character Map.. you can right click on the font and select “Install for All Users” (just in case the font doesn’t appear in Inkscape / Cricut software)

**Note : If the font has been installed and does not appear in your software, you can restart your laptop / computer ..

  • How to Remove / Delete fonts

If you have already installed the OTF font and want to replace it with the TTF font, you can delete it via the control panel.
Select Start / Search -> Control Panel -> Fonts -> Select fonts to delete


  • in Adobe , Corel Draw or Affinity Software.

If you use the above software, then you just have to block one character and you will find an alternative character under it.

  • in Inkscape or Cricut or other Software.

Ideally you can apply the above method to Inkscape / Cricut software or any software, but if that method doesn’t work then you can use the Charater Map / Character Viewer (in Mac) which is already available on your laptop / computer.

  • How to use Character Map

Click Start / Search -> Character Map -> Select your font, click in alternate character, then copy in paste in your project.

**make sure you only install the TTF file to be able to access alternative characters on the Character Map, because the OTF file cannot display alternative characters in the Character map.

If you are still having trouble you can search for tutorials via youtube with the keywords “How to access alternate characters in a font” or “How to use opentype fonts” or “How to access special characters in a font”

I hope this helps

Have a nice day…