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20 Charming Vintage Font Bundles to Spice Up Your Commercial Projects

Even with the rising trend of futuristic and tech themes in visual designs, vintage font still retain its charm. Inspired by the classy, elegant designs from the past, these fonts add unique elements to any projects. A great element to make your commercial projects more distinctive!

If you love vintage elements in your commercial designs, downloading a font bundle is a more practical option. You get a handful of fonts at once, complete with licenses. A better choice for designers who want more freedom in tweaking and modifying multiple font styles.

This font bundle offers multiple vintage fonts with unique styles, from elegant to strong and quirky. Here are 20 great vintage fonts you can get from a bundle, perfect for personal and commercial projects.

1. Bandits

Bring a cool trompe-l’œil element into your design with Bandits, a vintage font with beautiful ornamented lines. True to its namesake, the font has a subtle 3D look, making it instantly noticeable. A perfect distinctive font for designing brand labels, shirts, cover arts, merchandises, and many more.

Bandits is a versatile font, compatible with popular systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use it for Cricut projects or turning it into a web font. With easy installation, Bandits is a perfect font for any devices you may work with.

Bandits comes with standard numbers and punctuations, plus variations in glyphs and sizes. You also get striped and outline versions, with licenses for apps, desktop, e-pubs, and enterprise. The font is available in TTF, OTF, Ai, and EPS files.

2. Blue Spirits

Blue Spirits is a gorgeous ornamental vintage font with a classy silhouette. Its basic version has ribbon-like strokes with good readability, making it an ideal font for a logo. You can also use Blue Spirits to design printed merchandise, labels for “classy” brands, and book or album covers.

Blue Spirits come with both standard and alt versions, complete with additional ornaments; perfect for adding sophistication into your design. With standard punctuations and characters plus multiple size options, Blue Spirits add a sophisticated vintage charm to your designs.

Blue Spirits offer widespread compatibility, allowing Mac, Windows, Linux, and Cricut users to utilize it. You can also change it into a web font for web-based design projects. The font package is also PUA-encoded and comes with a commercial license.

3. Carglos

Create a strong statement with Carglos, a blackletter-type font with bold strokes and distinctive glyphs. The pointed angles remind you of the Gothic aesthetic, giving your designs delightfully “dark” elements.

Carglos is perfect for making labels, logos, and other commercial designs that require text-based centers. You can also accompany a beautiful digital painting or make digital album art with this font.

Carglos comes with standard punctuations and characters, but it’s the variations and glyphs that make the differences. You can access unique swashes and ornamental glyphs to make your designs more sophisticated. Use this font in Mac, Windows, Linux, Cricut, or as a web font.

When you download Carglos, you get it as multiple files such as DXF, OTF, SVG, and TTF. The licenses include the commercial ones for apps, e-pub, enterprise use, and more.

4. Graphite

Inspired by the charming old-timey signboards, Graphite offers a classy layered font with ornamented details. This quirky vintage font has distinctive edges, curves, and angles; perfect for designing brand labels, logos, merchandises, and digital arts.

Graphite’s layered style gives it a 3D look, with several unique variations, like the inline and striped off ones. The font package also comes with decorative ornaments, which will look good on objects like tin cans, glass bottles, and decorative jars. Graphite is great to advertise fashion items, stickers, canned food, beverages in vintage bottles, and such.

You can use Graphite as a web font or in popular systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. The font is also available for Cricut and Silhouette projects. The font comes in several sizes, complete with standard characters and punctuations.

Download this font pack to get several files such as SVG, TTF, OTF, DXF, and web font. You also get it with multiple licenses, including for commercial projects. The PUA-encoded characters allow you to access all the unique glyphs and variations with Adobe or Corel Draw.

5. Montern

Sharp and strong Montern is what you need to create a visual statement. Inspired by bold, old-school lettering, Montern combines sharp angles with subtle sway on its bold strokes. The result is a typeface with unique character while maintaining readability.

You can use Montern to design a brand campaign, from fashion to barbershop and beverages. Montern comes with different glyphs, standard characters, and punctuations for your design needs. Its ornamented glyph has even sharper edges that adds a little Gothic flair.

Montern is versatile, and you can use it with Linux, Windows, Mac, Cricut, and Silhouette. The font package also comes with multiple licenses and different files, like SVG, DXF, OTF, and TTF. Montern supports multilingual use, with PUA-encoded features to help you access all the glyphs and variations easily.

6. Mosherif

Need a vintage font with great visibility for packaging prints? Mosherif is your answer. This slab font is inspired by old-timey product packaging and posters. The font is bold, consisting of only uppercases, allowing great readability even from afar.

We recommend Mosherif to design labels, posters, and brand packaging. You can also use it to accompany campaign posters or social media posts. It comes with various glyphs for unique design variations, such as short, tall, and regular ones. Meanwhile, the High Stamp glyph has a subtle distressed effect on its surface.

Mosherif is compatible with multiple devices, including the Linux, Mac, and Windows ones. The font’s unique look also makes it perfect for Silhouette and Cricut projects. You can print anything from invitation cards to menu sheets and business cards.

Mosherif comes with multiple licenses, such as for app, e-pub, web font, game, server, broadcast, and national and international corporations. One download gives you a font with 12 types of TTF and OTF files.

7. Notter Dam

Another great vintage font for branding needs, Notter Dam combines bold strokes with all-uppercase characters for strong impact and readability. The font took its inspiration from old-school signboards and advertisement typeface, which will add a unique charm to your designs.

Notter Dam has alternating thickness on its strokes to create a sleek, classy look. Its glyphs include a handwritten style (Signature) and the Stamp (bold with subtle distressed effect). Perfect for adding a vintage touch in a restrained way. Use the font to design labels, packaging stickers, ad campaigns, and crafts.

Notter Dam is versatile, and you can use it with Linux, Windows, or Mac. You can also use it with Silhouette, as a web font, or for Cricut projects. One download gives you multiple licenses, including for corporate, e-pub, app, game, server, template, web font, and many more.

8. Ricota

Brings the Victorian elegance to your design with Ricota, a beautiful decorative font with vintage calligraphy style. This font is perfect for branding and craft purposes, which you can use to design labels, merchandise, text-based logos, and signboards.

Ricota is a versatile font and you can use it to promote various items. From restaurants and coffee shops to dried tea leaves and homemade snacks, Ricota makes even the simpler packaging more attractive.

Ricota comes with standard uppercases, lowercases, and punctuations. It comes with normal and bolder Shadow variation. You can use it with Linux, Windows, and Mac, or incorporate it in projects with Silhouette and Cricut.

One download gives you PUA-encoded fonts, allowing you to create accessible web font designs. You also get multiple licenses, including for commercial uses such as app, game, broadcast, web-based design, e-pub, and corporates.

9. Alemoric

Alemoric allows you to infuse the charm of old signages into your designs, including commercial ones. Inspired by signboards from the Victorian era, Alemoric is a beautiful vintage font with diverse glyphs. A perfect choice to accompany various commercial projects.

Use Alemoric to design both printed and digital projects, such as merchandise, labels, brand logos, crafts, and book or game texts. You can use it with Windows, Mac, and Linux, or incorporate it in Cricut and Silhouette projects.

As a blackletter font, Alemoric comes with only uppercases, but its diverse, ornamented glyphs support your creativity. One download gives you multiple files: SVG, OTF, TTF, DXF, and PDF. You also get multiple licenses for personal and commercial projects, including for epub, app, game, web-based design, corporate project, and printed items.

10. Boldern

Bold and impactful, Boldern combines vintage and modern elements to create a strong typeface. This vintage font is perfect for branding purposes, especially to emphasize a powerful brand character. You can use it for personal and commercial projects, both digital and physical.

Boldern comes with all uppercases, standard punctuations, and multilingual support. All its glyphs are bold and subtly ornamented, emphasizing readability over decoration. You can use it to design ad campaigns for beverages, pubs, barbershops, menswear, and many more.

Boldern is a versatile font that you can use on Mac, Windows, or Linux devices. You can also use it as a web font or for Cricut and Silhouette projects. One download gives you multiple files like SVG, DFX, TTF, OTF, and PDF. You can also get licenses for corporate, e-pub, app, game, monetized social media post, and broadcast purposes.

11. Dark North

Brings the powerful old-timey spirit to your designs with Dark North, a blackletter font that evokes pirate’s treasure maps. The font has a distinctive look that makes it perfect as a text-based logo, headers, and merchandise decorations.

Dark North combines pointed edges and swashes in a decorative typeface, giving your designs a strong character. You can use it to design t-shirts, mugs, bags, posters, and many more. It also adds a distinctive character to a music album cover art.

Download Dark North to get multiple design licenses, such as for e-pub, app, game, commercial use, corporate, social media post, and printed projects. You can use the font on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. You can also utilize Dark North for Silhouette and Cricut projects.

12. Christon Hunington

What do you imagine when hearing a name such as Christon Hunington? No doubt an epitome of class and classic elegance, which is shown by this vintage font. Christon Hunington invokes the look of a poster ad from the Victorian era, with distinctive slim strokes and subtle bumps and curves.

This vintage font is ideal for designing brand identities, like labels, headers, ad posters, and social media posts or headers. Its classy form also looks great as a signboard, menu, and cover art. You can use it to promote businesses like barbershops, bookstores, pubs or bistros, menswear, and many more.

Christon Hunington comes with multiple files: SVG, PDF, TTF, OTF, and DXF. One download gives you multiple licenses for personal and commercial projects, including for print and corporate designs. You can use the font with Windows, Mac, and Linux, or use it for Cricut and Silhouette projects.

13. Beatford

Beatford showcases unique lettering influenced by Victorian era signage or ad posters. Its lettering has unique curl accents with alternating line thickness. The result is a vintage font with subtle quirk in its elegance. Perfect for commercial and personal projects that need unique personality in the designs.

Beatford is a great font for designing brands, such as for food and beverages, fashion, performance art, merchandise, and many more. The font’s distinctive style also makes it ideal for Cricut projects. Utilize the font with any popular devices, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Beatford comes with all capital uppercases and lower cases, punctuations, and unique glyphs. One download gives you multiple licenses for commercial and artistic projects, both physical and digital. All the characters are PUA-encoded and support multiple languages.

14. Arthemis

Arthemis is a vintage font with intricate lettering that incorporates unique waves, swashes, and curves. The font invokes the feeling of entering an old-timey salon or restaurant, combining bold strokes with elegant, slightly quirky look.

Arthemis has heavily ornamented glyphs that add a strong character to the typeface. You can use the font to create labels, headers, merchandise, and book or album cover arts. The letter is also great for branding, such as for restaurants, ice cream shops, art and art supplies, and many more.

Utilize Arthemis in projects on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. You can also use it for Cricut and Silhouette projects, or as a web font for digital designs. The font package comes with handy multiple licenses, such as for app, game, e-pub, corporate, social media, and template.

15. Mockerel

A beautiful vintage font inspired by the Victorian era, Mockerel has distinctive ornamented lines and curves that add a quirky touch. The artistic lettering is perfect to emphasize the unique characteristics of your commercial designs.

Mockerel invokes the feel of old-school shop signages, making it ideal for branding efforts. Think of labels for products such as craft beer, old-school syrup, and coffee beans. The font looks great on packages like paper bags, glass bottle or can labels, and wooden boxes.

Mockerel comes with multiple files such as PDF, TTF, OTF, SVG, and DWG. You can use it as a web font or through devices like Mac, Linux, and Windows. Mockerel provides a great visual for Cricut or Silhouette projects, both commercial and personal.

Download Mockerel to receive standard uppercases, lowercases, and punctuations, with support for multilingual designs. You also get multiple licenses for various commercial projects, including for apps, games, e-pub, and corporate.

16. Meta Courage

If you want something bolder and even sportier from your vintage font, try Meta Courage. Inspired by the lettering on old-school varsity jackets and club names, Meta Courage adds a sporty yet classic touch to your designs.

Meta Courage is bold with a good readability factor, making it perfect for fashion items and merchandise. You can use it to design sportswear labels, event posters, sports beverages, nutritious snacks, and many more. With all-uppercase characters, Meta Courage ensures that everyone will notice your design.

Meta Courage supports multilingual design and you can use Coreldraw or Photoshop to access all its glyphs. You can get all the licenses necessary for commercial projects with one download, including licenses for apps, games, e-pub, web design, social media, template, and corporate.

17. Origin Athletic

Origin Athletic is the subtler, slimmer version of Meta Courage; a unique vintage font inspired by varsity jackets and sports logo. An all-uppercase typeface, Origin Athletic is a perfect font for your commercial branding projects.

Use Origin Athletic to design merchandises, fashion items, and labels, including for sportswear, camping gear, and other outdoor hobbies. You can also use the font to advertise sports matches and outdoor events. The font is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Cricut, and Silhouette.

Download Origin Athletic to get all the necessary licenses for commercial projects. You get a license for template, app, game, e-pub, web design, social media, and corporate projects. The font package comes with all your standard characters and punctuations, plus a multilingual support.

18. Machton

Strong and bold with a touch of modern vibe, Machton presents a sports-inspired font, reminding you of old-school baseball, basketball, or football team cultures. The thick strokes still have dynamic elements in them, thanks to the italic form. A perfect font for adding character into an otherwise common design element.

Machton has several glyphs and alternates, including exaggerated swashes that emphasize the most important part of your texts. You can use the font to create labels, stickers, and branding campaigns for sportswear, outdoor gear, healthy snacks or drinks, barbershop, pub, and more.

Machton comes with uppercases and lower cases, plus standard characters, punctuations, and multilingual support. Download this pack and you will get multiple licenses for commercial projects, like corporate, e-pub, app, game, and web font. Machton is compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Cricut, and Silhouette.

19. Horse Saguaro

Horse Saguaro is a vintage font that showcases the charm of the Wild West landscape. The bold typeface has subtle points that add character without ruining readability. A perfect font if you like strong design look with the subtlest quirk to add a little flavor.

Horse Saguaro’s high readability makes it great for designing labels, brand identities, posters, social media posts, and ad campaigns. The font is great for promoting outdoor or camping gear, menswear, hair products, barbershop, and merchandises.

Horse Saguaro is an all-uppercase font, with several glyphs and standard punctuations for your design needs. You can utilize it as a web font, or using devices like Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use the font for Cricut projects and Silhouette.

With just one download, you will get all the necessary licenses to create commercial projects. The licenses include one’s for e-pub, game, app, corporate projects, commercial posts on social media, and many more.

20. Denhils

Finally, for a sleeker and smoother vintage look, you can use Denhils font pack. Known as a monoline font with sleeker lines, Denhils has a quirky touch that will give your designs a unique character. A perfect font for commercial and personal projects.

Denhils is ideal for various projects, such as label stickers, food and drink brands, merchandise, posters, and e-book or music album cover arts. Its glyphs include the versions with exaggerated swashes to make a strong statement in your design. The fonts are PUA-encoded, which support any designers who use CorelDraw or Adobe.

Download Denhils to get multiple glyphs and standard uppercases, lowercases, and punctuations. You also get the typical licenses to support commercial projects, which include game, app, e-pub, corporate, social media, and template. This vintage font is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Denhils is a great font for Silhouette and Cricut projects. Its distinctive style adds unique elements to your final designs. The font will look great on invitation cards and other physical print projects.

Download Your Vintage Font Bundle Now!

Vintage fonts allow you to inject old-school charm into any designs, both personal and commercial. However, not all fonts are identical in styles and characteristics, and you need to have many options for exploring your creative sides.

Forget purchasing many fonts individually. Download the bundle pack to get 20 high-quality vintage fonts at once, and start tweaking your ideas to create beautiful, attractive, professional designs.

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