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13 Prettiest Fonts Handwriting Options for Any Design Project

Are you having trouble incorporating an emotional element into your design? You can tackle this hurdle with various tactics, but fonts handwriting may be one of the simplest ways to do it. Handwritten fonts create a sense of whimsicality and personalization to a design, making it seem more “human.”

What kind of fonts that you should include in your graphic design? What are the best practices to use these fonts?

Top Handwritten Fonts to Beautify Your Work

You can find numerous handwriting-style fonts to incorporate into your work on the internet. Here are some of the top examples:

1. Quickbrush Font

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Quickbrush is a bold, handwritten font that has the look of a brush pen lettering. It is bold and has a gender-neutral vibe, making this font suitable for any style of design. Because of its typography, this font can layer well over photos and various backgrounds.

The font is not too complicated and has plenty of rich textures, which becomes a statement piece on the design. It will allow you to deliver a strong message via the design without much work. Because there are contextual alternates for lowercase letters, the handwriting looks authentic.

2. Manic Font

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This font can give any design a “character.” As the name suggests, this font creates an erratic vibe in the design. It is messy and very realistic, as in a sentence, you will find lowercase and capital letters merge harmoniously. It is one of the handwritten fonts modern that suits informal graphic design.

Each number and letter in the alphabet has four variations in the font. Each individual style lends to the “manic” look. The font set also contains double letter combos for lowercase and uppercase characters to further boost the unique style.

3. Wildflower Font

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Many designers long for clean aesthetics that still maintain a handmade touch. Wildflower is a suitable font for that. This font is playful and simple, just like the handwriting of a real human. Any design that includes the font will look authentic. Its simplicity also makes the font very easy to discern.

In the set, you will find basic characters in lowercase and uppercase. It is optimized for Western and Central European languages. Furthermore, the font offers a variety of symbols that can enhance your final design. It is suitable for logos.

4. La Coquine Font

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A versatile typeface is something that everyone is looking for. La Coquine boasts imperfectness, making it look like real handwriting. Its vibe is soft and vintage. The design looks like you are placing the characters with a stamp. It adds warmth to your design, enhancing the “personal” sense.

The set comes in two font types that are optimized for various languages. It means the font duo can accommodate designers from non-English speaking countries, too. La Coquine suits branding and logo projects. It even works well on business cards if you want to make it more friendly-looking.

5. Elora Font

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The need for handwritten fonts cute never ceases. Elora is present to cater to that need. What strikes out from this design is its readability. Thanks to its typography style, the characters in Elora are legible and visually pleasing when combined. Each character also has the right thickness. You can make every color choice pop with Elora.

This font is appropriate for kids’ brands, children’s books, and even stationary items. Children can easily read the handwriting font. Designers can play around with the sizing to make the font even more interesting. 

6. Club Tropicana Font

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Do you want a design that embodies the summer season? Club Tropicana might be the right choice for you. It has an inky look that enhances the legibility of the characters. However, don’t expect the font to be perfect, as there are quirks that will make Club Tropicana characters look like real handwriting.

In the set, you can find 105 extra Opentype ligatures and alternates to further enhance the natural vibe of the font. It also comes with lighter characters if you need to make your design more varied. Club Tropicana supports several languages, including English, German, and Galician.

7. Juniper Bay Font

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For handwritten fonts cricut, many people are looking for a style that has an organic feel but doesn’t sacrifice the necessary elegance. Juniper Bay delivers this need beautifully. It has a cool and calm character but with a sophisticated sense. Any design is taken to the next level by this font.

There are 130 customer letter combos within the set. The creator has carefully designed each ligature to ensure every letter flows seamlessly into the next one. When written using Juniper Bay, it makes words, phrases, and sentences look cohesive. Besides standard English, it can accommodate Latin-based languages.

8. Photogenic Font

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Swash, or the liquid movement at the beginning and end of handwritten letters, enhances the elegance of a font. Photogenic is one of the modern fonts that incorporate swash into its typography. The font has an inky texture, elevating the sense of exclusivity in the design. That’s probably why many use this font for their wedding invitations or logos.

The full set contains lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation, numerals, multilingual symbols, and various swash options. There is a tutorial that users can follow to add swash at the start and end of the letter. 

9. California Oranges Font

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Of many fonts handwriting available in the market, it’s difficult to beat California Oranges if you’re looking for a watercolor font. The all-cap font can make designs appear fresh and friendly. It helps brands that want to attract younger audiences. Just pair the font with other graphic elements that enhance the freshness!

The watercolor letters can print up to 1.5 inches in height without losing their quality. If users require anything larger than that, there is a regular version of the font provided in the set. The creator recommends designers layering the font if the look is too opaque.

10. CuteDrop Font

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Are you on the quest for handwritten fonts pretty to add to your graphic design? Look no further, as CuteDrop delivers what you’re looking for. This font caters to designers who aim to make a full handmade look but don’t fancy the headache of making elements from various sources come together in a cohesive way. 

The creator offers a handwritten font duo within the set, all written with the same marker pen to give a consistent look. There are bonus emojis and swashes that designers can play with for their projects. Symbols like arrows and circles are also available in the set.

11. Cashmere Moon Font

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The name Cashmere Moon exudes taste and elegance. If you want to introduce those vibes into your project, then the font may be suitable for you. The handwritten sans is simple and suitable, making it a versatile choice for any design need. You can use it for logos and pair the font with equally graceful graphics.

Cashmere Moon comes in three weights: light, regular, and bold. Designers can also play around with spacing to get different effects. The creator also includes twirly and the so-called “fancy shmancy” alternate letters to the set.

12. Cutie Kitty

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Some people may consider cursive letters outdated. But if they think that way, it’s clear they’ve never heard of the Cutie Kitty font. The natural handwritten font is simple and modern. It doesn’t have complicated swashes, just little curves at the beginning and end of the sentence. 

You can use this font to create logos, watermarks, quotes, taglines, and various other branding projects. The end results will be a combination of cute and fancy. If you want to pair it with another font, opt for a serif or sans-serif style.

13. Prickly Pear Font

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The font’s name makes you think of the desert’s native fruit, which has a prickly exterior but sweet interior. As the name suggests, the Prickly Pear font also boasts that vibe combo. This font looks rough and messy, reminiscent of the rugged desert landscape. Nevertheless, it offers an authenticity that many design projects need.

Prickly Pear contains more than 160 custom ligature combinations and 56 multilingual characters. Branding efforts will look more raw when incorporating this font into logos, watermarks, or taglines. Play around with spacing to ensure optimum legibility for the audience. 

The Best Ways to Use Handwritten Fonts

Now that you’ve learned the handwritten fonts aesthetic, you can get into designing right away. A good designer knows when is the right time to use fonts handwriting style as sometimes the non-handwriting counterparts suit a project better. 

For instance, it’s best to steer away from handwriting font if you are making a design project for corporate or conservative purposes. It’ll look messy and doesn’t bode well with the serious nature of the context. However, handwritten fonts are the right way to go if you’re looking to build a connection with the audience. 

Another concern when using handwritten fonts is not delivering the expected result, which is personalization. Sometimes, designers rely too heavily on the template font and don’t take steps to customize their designs. 

It’s a big no-no if you’re making designs for branding. Font creators typically give flexibility for designers to play around with the font setting, so make use of this chance. 
Fonts handwriting element is a good addition to your design arsenal. It can quell the need for authenticity.

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Get more more inspiration for Handwriting Fonts via Pinterest : pinterest.com/burhanafif/fonts-handwriting/

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