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Cool Cricut Ideas 9 Creative Ways to Use Fonts with Heart

Font With Heart Preview cover 2

Cricut machine opens so many creative opportunities, including making personalized crafts. Using fonts with heart is a way to add a cute or beautiful touch to any design. Some of these fonts are playful and sweet, while others lean to the elegant side.

Whatever design ideas you have, make sure to use the fonts Cricut the right way. Follow these nine creative ideas to make beautiful designs with heart-adorned fonts and unleash your creativity.

1. Leather Journal Covers

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Samantha Calligraphy Font!

Want your beloved journal book to be more beautiful and personalized? Use the Cricut machine to create a leather cover. With just faux leather sheets and different materials for the adornment (like iron sheets on vinyl), you can turn a regular book into a sophisticated journal.

Combine a display font with any icons that reflect you, like flowers, a moon, a zodiac sign, or a simple animal cutout. Fonts with heart are great choices if you like elegant, feminine, or cute cover designs. They also work well as adornments if you prefer simpler cover art.

We recommend fonts like Madelyn Heart of Samantha Calligraphy. Both have designs that resemble beautiful handwriting, perfect for decorating journal covers. Their thin strokes, narrow forms, and ribbon-like swashes add beautiful visual elements to your journal covers.

2. Personalized Greeting Cards

Font With Heart 2

Madelyn Heart Font!

Amidst the popularity of online greetings, physical greeting cards can be special little gifts for people you care about. Making personalized greeting cards is easier with the Cricut machine and fonts pretty enough to match the occasion.

There are endless ideas for personalized greeting cards. You can make a fun birthday greeting card with bright colors or a classier one with muted shades. Or, you can make smaller cards to be sent with gifts, parcels, baskets, and party favors.

Use heart-decorated fonts that will add personal charm to your designs. Madelyn Heart, for example, is a fun option because it has long swashes and a lot of heart adornments. Wild Heart is also a good option because it has long swashes and heart shapes on the text and the swashes.

3. Water Bottle Stickers

Font With Heart 3

Merisa Font!

Everyone is into reusable water bottles (or tumblers), so why not make Cricut stickers for them? Fonts with heart will instantly improve any water bottles and tumblers. You can even turn a regular bottle into a personalized gift with Cricut stickers on it.

All you need to do is buy an unadorned water bottle of any color and attach the Cricut designs. If you want to use font-based decorations, you can attach words of encouragement, inspiration, or affection. You can also use special Cricut material like glitter vinyl to make the design more attractive.

Fonts with swash are great options because their forms can “hug” the water bottles. You can use a romantic font like Red Rose font or a casual and cheerful one like Merisa font. The hearts will make your card more delightful to receive.

4. Tote Bags

Font With Heart 4

Sweet Love Font!

Tote bags are simple but practical, and you can use them for a lot of activities. Why keep your regular bags unadorned if you can make them fancy? Cricut designs with fancy fonts are perfect for turning any bag into a fun, beautiful fashion accessory.

Use fonts with tail or any extra adornments to make your tote bag shine. If the font design is fancy enough, you can use it as the main decoration. For example, you can write your own nickname, words of encouragement, or your favorite slogan or song lyric.

Want to make a text-based decoration even more beautiful? Use Cricut materials such as glittery vinyl. They will make your bag more attractive without adding too many visual elements.

Sweat Love is a great font with heart to decorate a bag. It has illustration options of fonts in one pack, giving you more freedom in designing the words for your bag. The little heart accent and long swashes add the ornaments you need for a trendy, beautiful tote bag.

5. Text-based Wedding Decorations

Font With Heart 5

Magic Love Font!

Use a Cricut machine and beautiful fonts to make wedding decorations. You can print the initials of the happy couple in wedding font on wooden panels or place them in beautiful frames. Use them to decorate a wedding venue as a casual but memorable adornment.

There are many ways to create wedding decorations using different styles. Depending on the couple’s personality, you can make a playful, cute, or sophisticated decoration. Add ornaments like ribbons, flowers, seashells, or dried leaves to make them more interesting.

Heart-themed fonts are perfect for wedding decorations like this. The whimsical and beautiful Magic Love is a perfect font for a classy, sophisticated wedding decoration. Its looping swashes and heart-shaped alternates add a lovely touch to your design.

For something more relaxed and fun, Sweet Love can be a perfect font. The strokes resemble more natural handwriting, adding a personal touch to the wedding. The little heart accents are adorable and ideal for a more casual wedding.

6. Home Labels and Signs

Font With Heart 6

Via Vallens Font!

Confuse salt and sugar in your non-transparent jars. Want to make the kid’s door more personal? You can use a Cricut machine to create home labels, directional arrows, and signs. Using fonts with heart will add cute, lovely touches to your house.

With a Cricut machine, you can print unique labels with different colors to make them more distinguishable. Use the bolder, more understated font for readable quality for household product labels and direction arrows. For door labels, you can use something more casual or fun.

Carley is a great font for product or storage labels, thanks to its bolder strokes. The heart alternate is also simpler and will not distract you. Merisa font is also a great option because it is a sans-serif one, easier to read, and with good readability.

Dynamic and playful fonts like Via Vallens font are great for door labels. It is beautiful and great to be printed in large size. You can also use Magnolina font for a more casual style, perfect for children’s or teens’ bedrooms.

7. Wall Decals

Font With Heart 7

Via Vallens Font!

Decorating your walls with decals now can be a personal project. With a Cricut machine and lovely heart fonts, you can create beautiful decals for your house, classroom, coffee shop, studio, and more. You can personalize the texts and decorations to make the walls reflect your personality.

There are many fonts elegant enough to be wall decals, depending on your taste and personality. Magic Love has enough thickness and readability to be visible on the wall. It also has beautiful heart accents and long, ribbon-like swashes that add personality to your design.

A space as big as a wall can benefit from long, exaggerated swashes. Heart fonts like Madelyn Heart, Sweet Love, and Via Vallens have such characteristics, making them perfect for pretty wall decals. In addition, they work well as decals for car windows, glass windows, tables, mirrors, and many more.

8. Personalized Bookmarks

Font With Heart 8

the Bellinda Font!

Any book lover not only books, but also beautiful, creative bookmarks. You can use a Cricut machine to create numerous bookmark designs. You are free to personalize them based on your (or the recipient’s) traits and favorites, and fonts with heart are perfect for the design ideas.

There are two ways you can create personalized bookmarks. You can cut unique shapes with the machine as the actual bookmarks or make designs to be put on standard bookmarks as decorations. Use the heart-themed fonts to adorn the bookmarks with names, initials, book quotes, inspirational quotes from authors, and many others.

You can choose a heart-themed font that resembles beautiful handwriting to suit a book-related object. Madelyn heart font, for example, has a more restrained design that resembles modern pen handwriting, complete with a modest heart alternate. Ideal for a more “serious” and elegant bookmark.

For more casual handwriting heart fonts, you can try the Bellinda font. These heart fonts have slightly more casual handwriting styles but are still with elegance and class.

9. Custom T-shirts

Font With Heart 9

Sweet Love & Merisa Font!

Have a bunch of plain T-shirts? Want to upgrade the old ones? You can use a Cricut machine to create decorations for t-shirts. You can easily input the shapes into Cricut software and use a material like iron vinyl to create a memorable design.

Fonts with heart will make your t-shirt designs more interesting. You can use them as the main parts of the design or together with a main image. Make sure the font has good readability so anyone can see the texts from far away.

Merisa is cool in its simplicity, a sans-serif font with medium thickness and multiple heart accents. You can use it to make t-shirts for all ages, with or without accompanying images. A perfect font for such a Cricut project.

For something more detailed and feminine, Via Vallens and Autumn Love Font can be your choices. They resemble natural handwriting, with exaggerated swashes and little heart accents. They have great readability and look great on various types of t-shirts.

A Cricut machine is versatile, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Fonts with heart are great additions to your design arsenal, especially if you make text-based designs. Use these lovely fonts to create beautiful Cricut crafts at home or in a professional studio.

Download Font With Heart Free for Personal use!

Font With Heart free 2

Get more more inspiration for Font With Heart via Pinterest : pinterest.com/burhanafif/fonts-with-heart/

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