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Create Charming Designs with This Cute Retro Fonts Bundle from HansCo Studio!

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Lively, funky, and cheerful, that’s what you get from retro designs, including in fonts. Downloading a retro font bundle gives you numerous ideas to add charms to your designs. From funky lines and bold strokes to warm, bright hues, retro fonts will make any design stand out.

Why stick with one if you can get multiple fonts for your old-school inspiration? Here are recommendations for retro fonts awesome designs deserve from HansCo Studio!

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1. Chunky Retro Font


Chunky Retro is a stylish calligraphy-style font, perfect for creating fresh and fun design elements. This is a perfect font for making labels, font-based logos, and titles of musical albums. Chunky Retro has a distinctive rounded shape with strong 60’s and 70’s influences.

The font’s bold strokes have a unique varying thickness that adds character to any text or logo. Its uppercase and lowercase alternates have rounded, exaggerated swashes for extra groovy elements. The font also comes with a shadow effect to add depth to your font-based design.

Chunky Retro comes with all the standard uppercases, lowercases, ligatures, and alternates. The font pack also supports multilingual designs. A perfect option for fresh, groovy designs.

2. Letter Magic Font


Need a little font retro magic in your design? We’ve got you covered! Letter Magic is a retro serif font with a little touch of classical vintage in its strokes and angled corners. Instead of a total retro comeback, Letter Magic adds a touch of magic and charm to your designs. Perfect for adding fantastic air into a design, logo, label, and many more.

Letter Magic has bold strokes with slightly concave tops and angled corners, yet with rounded, exaggerated swashes. The combination creates a subtle restraint and elegance in the retro typeface. Ideal if you love something between the 60s or 70s style retro and classical vintage design.

Letter Magic comes with your standard uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, and multilingual support. The font pack also has several variations of ligatures, alternates, and swashes to make your designs more colorful. It’s a great addition to this cute retro font bundle.

3. Fat Kat Font


Looking for a funky sans-serif typeface? Fat Kat offers a font cool charm through its modern-retro design. This bold sans-serif font has varying thicknesses in its strokes, making each character look like a puzzle piece. Definitely a fun addition to your design portfolio.

Fat Kat has bold strokes, yet with alternating thickness that adds a unique characteristic. All the uppercase and lowercase have similar heights, adding a touch of cuteness to the design. Since Fat Kat is bold, with funky design elements and similar heights between characters, this font is better used as a logo, label, or social media campaign.

Fat Kat comes with complete features, such as alternates, ligatures, and standard Latin characters. The entire pack is compatible with Windows, Linux, and iOS, with standard punctuation and numbers, and you can easily bring your design projects to any device.

4. Super Vibes Font


Super Vibes adds fun and hip to your retro-inspired designs, thanks to its alternating thickness and rounded edges. It makes your design cheerful without looking childish, perfect for designing bags, t-shirts, mugs, banners, ads, and many more.

This bold display font has a subtle quirkiness from its alternating thickness and rounded, slightly engorged edges. Super Vibes also comes with a distressed effect, perfect for adding variations to your design. You can easily create a label, font-based logo, or brand identity with this font.

Super Vibes comes with standard characters and punctuations, two types of distressed effects (Regular and Stamp), and multiple glyphs. It’s a cute, fun addition to your retro font bundle.

5. Happy Monday Font


Fun with a touch of elegance, Happy Monday combines the groovy element of the 60s and 70s with a little calligraphy influence. It is a perfect font for adding a cheerful, stylish touch to your design without making it too playful.

Happy Monday has bold and consistent strokes, adding an element of restraint to an otherwise fun, retro design. The rounded edges make it modern, and you get options for curved, slightly exaggerated swashes for more creative looks.

Happy Monday is perfect for designing fashion items, greeting cards or messages, business banners, headers, and many more. The font pack comes with all the standard punctuations and characters, including uppercase and lowercase. A great font to expand your retro-inspired design portfolio.

6. Soul Wave Font


Fun, bold, and playful, Soul Wave instantly makes any design eye-catching. This bold display font adds a bouncy spirit to your designs and makes them more special. The unique form and shape also make it ideal for font-based logos, banners, labels, business banners or headers, and business cards.

Soul Wave has bold strokes with slight irregularities in the thickness, a perfect combination to create a slightly playful look. The parallel ascenders and descenders create a compact look, ideal for big prints. It also comes with different glyphs to add variations to your designs.

Soul Wave also has good visibility for creating video thumbnails, digital album covers, and other similar projects. Including it in this retro font bundle is an obvious choice.

7. Enjoy Forest Font


The flower-inspired fonts in the 70s meet the modern bold design in Enjoy Forest. This serif display font is perfect for making cute, summery designs. The wavy font not only has a distinctive groovy look but also comes with little flower accents as a variation.

Enjoy Forest has rounded edges with compact forms, ideal for large prints or digital designs. The font comes with several effect variations, such as heavily exaggerated upward swashes, flower accents, and shadow effects. You can turn it into designs for tote bags, t-shirts, labels, font-based logos, and brand identities.

Enjoy Forest, which also comes with your standard uppercase and lowercase, plus punctuation. There are also several outline modes and glyph variations for more design inspiration. Add Enjoy Forest into your font library whenever you need something summery and cheerful.

8. Retro Groovy Font


One of the most unique typefaces in this font bundle, Retro Groovy shows an extra playful side in its groovy, retro design. Its tapered form gives it a distinguishing quality among many other retro fonts. A creative font design that will give you endless design inspiration.

Retro Groovy has bold strokes with rounded edges and tapered forms. The slightly heavier descenders add a distinct look to the typeface, even if you stick with the standard version. A great font for making large print designs, such as on bags, t-shirts, hats, website banners, and social media posts.

Retro Groovy comes with all your standard uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation. The pack also gives you several effects, such as the outline version, the stamp, and the distressed look. A great font that will add some zest to your retro-inspired designs.

9. Angel Club Font


The dashing and flashy Angel Club gives your retro designs a cool touch. This bold, serif font has pointed corners that give an extra edge. The form is ideal for making various Cricut designs, stickers, cards, labels, and digital designs.

Angel Club has both vintage and modern influences, with an almost square-like form and varying thickness. The overall look is strong edgy, but still fun and groovy. Angel Club also comes with several effects, such as Shadow, Slanted, and Combination.

Angle Club is included in this retro font bundle with uppercases, lowercases, glyphs, and punctuations. Use this font to create a distinctive font-based design with both modern and retro sensibilities.

10. Cosmed Retro Font


Adds some psychedelic touch with Cosmed Retro, a bold, vintage font with a distinctive personality. Bold and quirky, the font creates a distinctive touch in any text-based designs you make. Perfect if you want a fun, slightly playful note with a 70’s touch in your designs.

Cosmed Retro is bold with varied thickness and a tapered form, with extra width on the bottom. The rounded edges are balanced with flat ascender and descender lines. The result is a perfect combination between the wild psychedelic form and a classic retro charm.

The distinctive quality of Cosmed Retro makes it ideal for text-based designs. Create merchandise, labels, brand identities, and cards that attract the eyes. Cosmed Retro is also great for any Cricut projects, both for home crafts and professional projects.

Cosmed Retro comes with standard uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation. You also get different sizes and glyphs to make your designs more attractive. Create a quirky look you always want in your digital or print designs.

11. Aiger Font


Slab fonts are great options for creating statements in your designs. Aiger is a perfect slab font for retro-influenced designs, combining clarity and old-school charms. Fun, quirky, and unique, Aiger works well on both print and digital designs.

Aiger is a slab font with distinction, having bold strokes and a thinning form in the middle. The rounded, exaggerated edges command attention once you apply the font to the design. Aiger is perfect for any large-sized print or digital design.

Aiger comes with all-uppercase characters for great visibility and distinction. Use Aiger to create unique font-based logos and labels for various products. The bold letters are also great for Cricut crafts, both for home and professional levels.

Aiger pack also comes with standard punctuation and numeral characters. You also get some variations, such as Waterfall and Slant. A unique addition to this retro font bundle.

12. Magic Retro Font


Add a little magical charm to your old-school text-based designs with Magic Retro! This font is both groovy and elegant, with ornamental elements as the extra magic. With a subtle calligraphy influence, the ornamental parts make Magic Retro a stylish decorative font.

The basic design of Magic Retro has a subtle elegance, with curled serifs and stems, and modified loops. The result is a beautiful retro typeface that looks like it is lifted from an ancient “magic tome”! You also get exaggerated, ribbon-like swashes for the uppercase and lowercase alternates.

Magic Retro is a perfect font to add fantastic elements to your retro designs. The font is ideal for large designs, which you can translate into merchandise prints, posters, cards, Cricut crafts, and digital arts. You can also use it for book or e-zine cover titles.

Magic Retro comes with your standard uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation. The pack also provides alternates, ligatures, and different styles, such as Slant and Swash. A beautiful addition to your font-based design elements.

13. Tropi Land Font


Playful and natural, Tropi Land is a great font for “cute” design without looking childish. The slight irregularities of the font create a playful look. A great font to create designs playful, quirky, cute, and summery designs.

Tropi Land has a design that resembles natural handwriting, with medium thickness and slightly wavy form. It also comes with unique ligatures and all-caps variations for your design versatility. The alternate characters have fun elements like exaggerated swashes and flower accents.

Use Tropi Land to create designs for Cricut projects, cards, and printed merchandise. The font’s distinctive style is also great for brand identities, such as labels, logos, headers, and social media posts. The font pack comes with all your standard uppercase, lowercase, characters, and punctuations.

14. Long Beach Font


The boldly dramatic Long Beach is a great font for various home and professional projects. Combining chunky characters with retro grooves and subtle classic lettering it gives special characteristics to your designs. A recommended font pack from this retro font bundle.

Long Beach has bold strokes with varying thicknesses, allowing better readability. The slight concave on the ascenders and descenders gives a subtle elegance to this retro font. The curls at the end of the swashes and terminals add a stylish charm to the font.

Long Beach is perfect for various types of designs. You can create printed merchandise, brand identities, watermarks, and headers. You can also use the font for your Cricut projects. The distressed effect adds variety to any possible designs you can make with Long Beach.

15. Magic Funk Font


Funk is magic, and so is this font! Magic Funk is a perfect retro font to add a playful, quirky touch like the 70’s Funk Era. Mixing the playful old-school charm with the subtle elegance of calligraphy, Magic Funk gives your design a distinguished touch.

Magic Funk has a slanted design that combines a rounded form with pointed edges. The uppercases have curled ends and swashes that add a distinctive touch. The subtle elegance of the elements makes this a perfect font for creative designs.

Magic Funk comes with standard uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation. A great font to make greeting cards, Cricut arts, brand identities, crafts, and digital arts.

16. Shine Bubble Font


Need a simpler bold font in your retro font bundle? Shine Bubble is a great choice. This bold, sans-serif retro font has rounded edges that make it playful. A great font for various creative projects for all ages.

Shine Bubble has a great readability factor thanks to its simple shape and bold form. It also comes with a bubble effect for a jollier look. You can use it to design merchandise, brochures, social media posts, cards, and brand identities.

17. Roter Hoody Font


Another great playful font for your projects, Roter Hoody, gives a retro charm in a seemingly simple serif display font. Its bold and rounded form makes it playful and cute, but the serifs add a charming, groovy touch. Use it to create fun, charming designs for both print and digital.

Roter Hoody has rounded, slightly distended serifs and ends that add a specific characteristic to the font. You can use it to design products or materials for both children and adults. The font has good readability and is ideal for stickers, pictured books, cards, social media posts, and many more.

Roter Hoody comes with various glyphs and an outline version. Make your retro-inspired designs lightly more playful with Roter Hoody!

18. Stay Peach Font


Stay Peach is available in this retro font bundle to make your designs “peachy”! Bold and playful, Stay Peach has a slightly blocky design with irregular strokes, adding a playful touch. A perfect simple retro font for your home and professional projects.

Stay Peach has good readability and is versatile, ideal for design projects aimed at all ages. The retro font has a contemporary influence that you can apply to various projects. Use this font to make brand identities, printed merchandise, cards, stickers, and various Cricut crafts.

Stay Peach comes with standard uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation. It also has unique alternates for the uppercase, perfect for more distinctive looks.

19. Glupy Retro Font


Glupy Retro adds a cheerful silliness to your design thanks to its bold, tapering shape with rounded edges. The irregular thickness adds a playful look, adding a groovy and funky element to the font.

Glupy Retro’s unique form makes it ideal for brand identities. You can create text-based logos, labels, headers, and merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and hats. Glupy Retro is also a fun choice for Cricut projects, both at home and in professional studios.

Aside from standard uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation, Glupy Retro comes with different glyphs. Have fun creating a cute, funky, retro-inspired design with this font.

20. Happy Times Font


Happy Times brings a similar happy touch to your creative projects. This retro font has a groovy look with a touch of modernity and playfulness. Its simple but funky design makes it perfect for any type of design project.

Happy Times has rounded, slightly distended ends and a slightly tapering form. The result is a subtle quirkiness without sacrificing readability. It even has fun characters and features in its alternate characters, like exaggerated swashes, smiley faces, and flower accents.

Happy Times is perfect for branding, arts and crafts, and hobby projects. Use this font to design fashion items, mugs, stickers, YouTube thumbnails, headers, and printed crafts.

21. Aloha Beach Font


Aloha Beach adds a touch of summery vibe to this retro font bundle. The slab font has rounded edges and subtle irregularities that make it unique. A great font to create a cheerful, groovy touch to any designs you make.

Aloha Beach’s quirkiness is perfect for creating unique visual elements. Use this to design merchandise, text-based logos or brands, labels, stickers, headers, and many more. For more variations, Aloha Beach gives you additional glyphs with effects like exaggerated swashes and varying ligatures.

22. Smothy Font


Bubbly and cheerful, Smothy adds a subtle, modern, and playful touch to retro-inspired designs. The display font resembles natural handwriting, but only with the subtlest irregularities in the strokes. A perfect font for creating casual designs for all ages.

Smothy also has a bubble effect that adds a unique visual touch to your ideas. For more variations, you can access its varying glyphs in the font pack. Smothy comes with all your standard uppercases, lowercases, and punctuations, with ligature variations for creative designs.

23. Little Baby Font

19 Little Baby

For something more elegant and whimsical, Little Baby is your choice. The more elegant option in this retro font bundle, Little Baby, is a display serif font with stylish thin strokes, adding a fanciful touch to any design project.

Little Baby is perfect for kid-related design projects, both printed and digital. You can create fashion items, pillowcases, baby shower and birthday cards, and many more. The font is also clear enough to be used in pictured books.

24. Great Notes Font


Simple yet cheerful, Great Notes reminds you of natural handwritten texts on a notebook. This retro font has good readability and is ideal for various design projects. From illustrations to printed merchandise and branding, this font shows amazing versatility.

The sans-serif font is quite straightforward in design, but its slight whimsical touch is perfect for all ages. The pack offers modest variations in glyphs, sizes, and thickness. Use this font to make anything in your mind, from children’s pictured books to professional Cricut crafts.

25. Cutie Kitty Font


Like the adorable kitties, Cutie Kitty presents a natural handwriting-style font that adds a charming touch to your designs. Cutie Kitty is great for creating retro-inspired designs with a subtle modern touch.

Cutie Kitty is ideal for both physical and digital design projects. The font is whimsical enough for kid-friendly designs, but it is also great for adult-oriented professional ones. Use this font to design fashion items, cards, bags, pictured books, social media posts, and many more.

This cute retro font bundle packs quirky, whimsical, and stylish options for any design project imaginable. Download now to add a distinctive touch to any of your projects!

Download Retro Bundle Font Free for Personal use!

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