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What Makes a Font Cute? 15 Best Cute Fonts for Your Projects

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Figuring out which font to use to impress your client or glam up your project has been challenging. There are more than thousands of typographies you can choose out there, making the job harder and perplexing.

While looking for something for your journal or paper, you need something clean and readable; picking out the best font for advertising purposes takes more effort. There are details that matter in an advertisement, such as the right color, the right shades, the readability, and more.

So, if you are working on some branding, slogan, or invitation and wishing for something cute and appealing to represent your projects, here are the 15 best cute font recommendations for you.

What Makes a Font Cute?

Glupy Retro 2

Before we jump into the best cute font recommendations you can choose, let’s talk about what makes a font cute. Naming that one font is considered cute is actually quite subjective and varies. However, certain characteristics are commonly related to cute fonts.

  • Roundness

Most fonts considered cute usually have round or soft edges. This characteristic shows friendliness and playfulness.

  • Childlike Element

Yup, cute fonts used to look fun and whimsical. Typography that has irregular letterforms and animated details is distinguished as cute.

  • Proportions

Most fonts that are considered cute typically have a little exaggerated proportion. For example, you will see larger eyes or shorter limbs in the letter ‘y’ or ‘g’.

  • Soft Lines

Instead of using bold or rigid strokes, cute fonts will likely feature flowing lines to create a soft and gentle display.

  • Playful Details

Playful elements such as stars, crescents, hearts, or other decorative details boost the sense of playfulness.

  • Color

While some fonts you are about to install may not offer color choices, colors surely add a state of cuteness. Most cute fonts use pastel tones, and colors collide.

15 Best Cute Fonts Recommendations for Your Projects

Are you ready to dig into our best recommendations for cute fonts? Here are the lists for you:

1. Shine Bubble Font


Our first choice is the Shine Bubble font from HansCo Studio. It looks cute, and Shine Bubble also appears energetic and jolly with its pastel and colorful shades. The modern and bold characteristics spark a retro feel at the same time.

Shine Bubble font has uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks, and multi-lingual support. Whether you use it for stickers, invitations, branding, T-shirts, or posters, Shine Bubble surely adds an adorable side to any project.

2. Booline Morning

01 01

Remember one of the characteristics of cute fonts that display playful details? You will see it in the Booline Morning font. Designed by Jozoor, Booline Morning is a cute and charming monoline script font that is perfect for almost any kind of project.

Booline Morning is great for packaging designs, websites, book covers, posters, invitations, social media, magazines, and even personal projects like journals or diaries. Booline Morning offers three font features: beginning swashes (tails), ending swashes, and connecting hearts.

3. Aloha Beach


Looking for something fun, energetic, and nostalgic? This modern, bold, clean, and rough slab retro font style is worth a try. Aloha Beach will remind you of posters or apparel from the eighties.

Aloha Beach from HansCo Studio presents playful ends on their letters. The bold and consistent strokes add a special present and retro touch to your designs. These typefaces look great for branding, books, magazines, posters, websites, and more.

4. Pumpkin Season

pumpkin season font

The next cute font recommendation is this flirty and perky handwritten font called Pumpkin Season. This font, which you can get in Creative Market, offers slender and chunky side characters, adding a unique feel to your designs.

Packed with uppercase, lowercase, and a bundle of punctuation marks and symbols, Pumpkin Season is the perfect pick for your posters, advertisements, book covers, websites, and a ton more!

5. Demetri

demetri font becky simpson

Next is the typefaces designed by Becky Simpson. If you’re looking for a playful font that will add a touch of whimsy to your project, then Demetri is your answer. This cute and animated typography features unique shapes in some of its letters.

Some letters like ‘c’, ‘f’, ‘p’, ‘t’, and ‘y’ are made with two lines, while others are one line. You will also see letters like ‘m’ and ‘v’ have connecting lines, looking like reverse crowns and cones.

6. Magic Wish

72536dc3 647c 4862 998b e3ca33200ffe

Created by the Creative Box, Magic Wish certainly adds a little magic to your sketch. Magic Wish is a cute yet elegant font with a calligraphy style. Magic Wish is the perfect choice if you are looking for cute, playful, and a little touch of graceful forms.

Magic Wish comes in uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Magic Wish is great for your packaging, T-shirts, books, magazines, headlines, stickers, and more.

7. Maybug Latin

cover 01

Maybug is a funny Scandinavian font family to add a little fun and creativity to your projects. This font is available in 4 font files, 4 ttf font files, 4 woff font files, and 4 woff2 font files. Some of the characters feature unique details like broken lines, zig-zag, and horizontal.

Created by redcollegiya design, Maybug Latin can be purchased in the Creative Market. Each font in Maybug Latin consists of Latin and Cyrillic characters, numbers, diacritics, and punctuation.

8. Shaly Cute Font

preview 1

The next recommendation is Shaly Cute Font. This multi-purpose font will definitely add cute, simple, and adorable feels to your designs. The ends of each letter and character feature unique and playful curves.

Shaly Cute Font can be downloaded in DaFont and is available with both lowercase and uppercase letters. You will also get numbers, punctuation, symbols, and other characters to cater to your creative projects.

9. Cute Jellyfish

BLOG Type 45qv34

Cute Jellyfish totally should be on the list if you are looking for a cute font. This font, which was created by Khurasan and can be downloaded in Envato Elements, has a white detail in each character, creating shiny effects just like a jellyfish.

This font is very readable and head-turning. The edges are sharp and soft on different sides. Cute Jellyfish is perfect for cards, logos, posters, invitations, apparel, branding, and more.

10. Crispynut Kids Cute Font

crispynut cover 01

Looking for something cute and children-spirited? Try Crispynut Kids Cute Font from IHDSTD. This font has bulging, bright, and glossy designs, taking your memory to many kids’ advertisements or shows.

The characters are very easy to read, and the radiant, fun colors will add adorable and stunning additions to your designs. The font download has lowercase, uppercase, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support.

11. Cotton Cloud – Kids Cute Font

BLOG Type 34tcr

This next recommendation is super cute and playful. The characters feature fluffy, cotton-looking visuals. Although the visuals will take you to the imaginary cottony cloud, the readability is very high.

This font is perfect for projects like children’s book covers, movie titles, posters, and more. Cotton Cloud – Kids Cute Font has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. You can use this font file in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and even Microsoft Word.

12. National Forest Font Duo

untitled 1.9jpg copy

Inspired by the National Park Service sign, Rachel Kick designed this cute, vintage digital typeface. This font comes in Latin form, regular, and bold. The design is great for projects that need simplicity, gorgeousness, and a retro vibe.

This script is undoubtedly great for your posters, T-shirts, branding, packaging, quotations, flyers, and more. You can get National Forest Font Duo in Creative Market, starting from USD22.

13. ED Begonia – Blackletter Typeface

artboard 1 1 1

This one is super cute, unique, and elegant. The design will remind you of indentations on leaves and flowers. Emyself Design was indeed inspired by the curves of flower petals. Each of the characters has quirky curves.

ED Begonia features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation with a total of 375 glyphs. Begonia will complement your projects from posters, book covers, logos, apparel designs, and more.

14. Be Cool Handwritten Sans Font

bc1 4d

Next is this cute, simple font created by Ana’s Font. This handwritten font features sleek and effortless flow. The uppercase and lowercase letters combine seamlessly, adding a stylish charm to your design.

Be Cool Handwritten Sans Font is a great font for any project, such as invitations, greeting cards, design apparel, branding materials, etc. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and dozens of ligatures.

15. Craptons – Cute Retro Font

BLOG Type q43tcd

The cartoony theme is one of the cutest ideas we’ve got for you. Let us introduce you to this Craptons – Cute Retro Font, taking you back to the 70s and 80s comic books, from superheroes to monsters’ stories.

This cute, lively, retro font surely adds a fun and joyful element to your designs. You can use Craptons for product packaging, posters, children’s books, flyers, branding materials, and other pop art designs.

BLOG Type cute font from hansco scaled

We understand that it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Therefore, the cute font recommendations above will inspire you and take your designs to the next level. Don’t go plain because there are so many reasons to maximize the cute sides to your projects.

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