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9 Intriguing Cricut Fonts You Should Try for Any Craft Project

Raise your hand if you love crafty fonts for your creative projects! Especially for Cricut users, you can find virtually boundless font choices in its renowned Design Space. Preloaded with tons of Cricut fonts, the software offers ready-to-use options, not to mention other fonts available that you have previously downloaded on your device.

The Cricut fonts and machines are popular not only among professionals but also for those who are new to designing or crafting. Some use them for serious business, while others simply channel their hobbies.
Let’s start by discussing what Cricut fonts are, followed by several examples of fonts cricut ideas for your crafty projects.

What are Circuit Fonts?

We will have a definition comparison here, namely between the so-called Cricut fonts and System fonts.
The first is Cricut fonts, the fonts you need to preload to the Design Space software beforehand. Some of them have a green “a” mark and may charge you a fee, depending on your Cricut access subscription.
Moreover, Cricut fonts are specially coded to cut perfectly through any Cricut machine you use. Once again, if you have your Cricut Access, you will find endless options for more than 400 fonts.

What about the System fonts? They are fonts that you have downloaded to your device, like a personal computer or tablet. If you already have Design Space, the software automatically loads them.
You can quickly sort by Cricut or System fonts in the fonts window by simply hitting the click of the corresponding word. Or else, if you want to see all the available fonts, just click “all.”

Cricut Fonts that Work Best for Any Project

Get stuck into picking the right font for your design or craft? Why don’t you go back to the easy-to-go options of Cricut fonts available in the Design Space? The following are three fonts you can consider using.

Not only minimal and clean, they are also easy-to-weed and easy-to-read Cricut fonts that go well with any type of creative project. Recommended especially for beginners, you probably have known or even made them your favorite.

1. Futura

Futura is an easy-to-read font, whether you want it in a small or big cut, making it perfect for label making. For instance, you can create labels for little spice jars or other bigger containers.

2. Cricut Sans

A default font that comes up every time you open a text box in a new project of Design space, Cricut Sans is dubbed the Arial in the world of Cricut fonts. A highly easy-to-read font, Cricut Sans is indeed a timeless choice.

3. Typewriter

A faultless mix of modern and vintage, the classic Typewriter is the best option for labels, iron-ons, stickers, and more in between. It never goes wrong with Typewriter font since it offers a classy touch and fun at the same time.

Expanding Your Cricut Fonts List

Are you looking for more Cricut fonts for your cut or drawing projects? Just in case you don’t have a Cricut Access subscription, you can turn to other budget-friendly or free fonts you can use in the Cricut Design Space.

The font options are limitless – script, serif, handwritten, san serif, specialty, and more. Check out some of the specialty and crafty fonts below.

1. Happy Monday Font

Want to add a touch of retro vibe to your design? Try this bold display retro font. You can apply this font to any project, including Cricut fonts-based projects, logotypes, packaging designs, stickers, t-shirts or other apparel industries, headlines, posters, social media platforms, books or magazines, websites, and more.

2. August Font

Spring is coming. Add this pleasant monoline font with a flower-themed design to your spring creative or crafting projects. It will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting effect and even spark emotions.

3. Smothy Font

A bubble-style display font that is not only cute but also fun to look at. A pack of Smothy font consists of three font types or versions: Regular, Bubble, and Shadow. Cricut users or crafters can use it for commercial and creative design projects.

4. Paw Wow Font

Who doesn’t love a dog-themed design or craft? Paw Wow font offers a cute cursive display font that has lovely dog clip art as a feature. There are four style fonts in a pack: Paw Wow, Paw Wow Outline, Paw Wow Block, and Paw Wow clipart.

5. Love Spark Font

As the name implies, Love Spart is a paint-brushed script font that has a relaxed and warm-hearted design. This font is perfect for your personalized-style creative projects. It would make gorgeous wedding invitations, greeting cards, thank you cards, and more.

6. Great Notes

This unique handwritten font is truly suitable for any design project, ranging from logotypes to other creative Cricut projects regarding brand identity. This modern and clean font has two versions you can use – regular and bold. Available in multi-lingual support, it also features a full pack of uppercases and lowercases, numbers, letters, and punctuation marks.

What Can You Make with Cricut Fonts?

Are you a professional crafter who aims to get down to business with your creative projects? Or are you avid crafters looking for DIY ways to decorate your house or create thoughtful presents for your beloved ones?

Cricut fonts and machines can be among the best handy alternatives to let your creativity out. Okay, as you’ve already learned several crafty fonts, what about a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut Machine

Cricut is basically an electronic cutting machine. Popular among professionals and wannabe crafters (DIYers), some may refer to them as die-cutter machines or craft plotters. Available in various types, the machines can cut different designs or patterns with satisfying accuracy and speed.

Cricut machines can cut patterns and designs into varied materials, such as paper, fabric, cardstock, foil, or even vinyl. More interestingly, some types can even cut intricate patterns and designs into thicker materials, including wood and leather.

5+ DIY Ideas Using Cricut Fonts

You can find loads of creative ways to beautify your creative masterpieces or simply make your life easier and more colorful. The following are some inspiring ideas for you to get started.

Customized Party Decorations

Save more money by making your own party decorations that match each occasion and theme. Turn creative pictures in your head into reality by picking your favored Cricut fonts and using the machine to cut and create custom-made party invitations, cake toppers, banners, photo booth props, food or table signs, and more.

Personalized Greeting Cards

Craft your own custom greeting cards to express your wishes, gratitude, condolences, and more. For instance, you can try out designing stunning 3D cards for birthdays, conveying your love, saying thank you, or expressing condolences.

Labels for Organizing Things

Simplify your life by attaching labels to various things or areas around your home or office to find and organize anything easier. Put everything in their places by creating your custom labels and sticking them, for example, on your pantry’s containers, shelves, bins, or other areas that are more likely to be messy or cluttered.

Iron-on Tees or Tote Bags

Want a custom T-shirt with your favorite words or names on it? Pair your Cricut font and machine with a heat press machine. The processes are also super easy.

You can craft an original T-shirt design by choosing one of the premade options in Cricut Design Space. Or else you may also upload a design or pattern you found or bought online.

After that, use the shirt template in the Cricut software to size your design. Prepare the machine to cut the iron-on vinyl, weeding out the excess vinyl pieces of your design and using a heat press machine to transfer the pattern or design onto a T-shirt. You can apply the steps to customize tote bags as well.

Customized Mugs or Tumblers

Sip your morning coffee using your favorite personalized mug. Indeed, personalizing mugs and tumblers is one of the popular and favorite ideas for beginners to start.

How can you make it? After picking out your preferred Cricut fonts for the texts and designing your creative project, you can print them onto vinyl. Prepare and use transfer tape to put the design on your favorite mug or tumbler.

It will also make a great and unique gift to your friends or family.

Custom-Made Signs

Welcome your guests at your home, parties, weddings, and other occasions with your own custom signs (or even quotes). Choose your Cricut fonts, design your signs, get the vinyl lettering or images ready, stick the design to the vinyl with heat, and add more festive embellishments. You can display them by hanging or placing them wherever you like.

Remember, although they are called freebie Cricut fonts, you still need to check the license terms every time you download them. In addition to being free for “personal use”, you may also find them require you to purchase a commercial license.

Still, fonts can add more charm and even character to any creative design project, including printables, t-shirts, mugs, etc. Likewise, Cricut fonts come in endless options; you can get them through Cricut Access Membership or other budget-friendly sources.

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