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9 Aesthetic Fonts and Best Way to Use Them for Your Branding

Aesthetic fonts are likely the most stylish and artistically designed fonts available online. They offer exceptional output to your design and significantly influence how audiences interpret your brand. On top of that, they can also add value and uniqueness to your branding.

Whether in the fashion industry, lifestyle, beauty and makeup, art and design, or working with creative agencies, we’ve curated why you need this stylish typography and how to use it the best.

Why Does Your Brand Need Aesthetic Fonts?

Aesthetic fonts carry characteristics that allow you to convey your message and brand identity. Aesthetic can refer to something appealing, fashionable, and pleasing to the eye. These are some of the top reasons why you need this font type:

  • Visual Appeal: They can instantly improve the visual appeal of your brand, catching the eye and drawing attention to the message you are trying to deliver.
  • Elegance: They provide a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing your brand’s perspective.
  • Unique Identity: These fonts set your brand apart from competitors and help you create an original, recognizable identity.
  • Emotional Connection: An aesthetic font may evoke emotions, promoting a positive mood and resonating with your audience, building a better connection.
  • Versatility: They are versatile, and you can use them in various design projects.
  • Brand Recognition: Aesthetic fonts contribute to brand identification and make your products or services easily identifiable.
  • Lasting Impression: They leave a lasting impression, which means your brand remains in the minds of your audience long after they encounter it.

How to Use Aesthetic Fonts for Your Branding

Use aesthetic font types to enhance your design; this will work if done correctly. Check out some tips you can follow to ensure you can improve your creative branding by choosing the right fonts.

  • Identify Your Goals

You must understand your goals, including what you want to achieve through the design. Apart from that, also understand your target audience, the message you want to convey, and what kind of impression you want to make.

By understanding these things, you can focus more and narrow your font choices. So you will be able to handle the large selection of fonts online.

  • What is the Context?

Next, determine the media and format for your design project. For example, you choose an aesthetic font with many curves because it will look good in larger sizes. In this case, to put it on a poster. However, this option may not be best on blogs or websites because too many bends make the text difficult to read.

Additionally, you should consider the design’s background, contrast, and color. These factors will have an impact on the level of visibility and readability of your design. Therefore, you need to choose them carefully and may need to experiment with different fonts and colors.

  • Choose The Font

Fonts are designed with different characteristics and are divided into several types. They are starting from serif, sans serif, display, script, to monospace. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each type so you can choose the right font for your design.

For example, serif fonts that look traditional, formal, and authoritative are suitable for printed materials. Sans serif fonts are more suitable for digital media because they look modern, simple, and versatile.

Meanwhile, script fonts can add a touch of personality to your designs, but they can be challenging to read when placed on large media. You can use display fonts to attract attention, but they have the potential to be distracting if used excessively. Meanwhile, monospaced fonts are most appropriate for code.

  • Experiment with Font Pairing

Combining two fonts sounds fun and challenging. If successful, this can help improve your design. But be careful; the wrong pairing can clash with your design, lose beauty elements, and cause confusion.

As a tip, limit your choices to two or a maximum of three fonts. Ensure the fonts complement each other in size, style, and size. What if you need help with how to pair fonts? Choose a variety of fonts from the same font family, then create emphasis by using bold, light, or italic versions of the font.

  • Test Your Font

In the final stage, after you are sure about choosing a font, test the font on your design and make changes if necessary. You can change the color, size, or settings and see the difference. This way, you can determine which aesthetic fonts suit your design goals.

9 Aesthetic Fonts Ideas for Your Branding

Now you understand why you must incorporate aesthetic typefaces and learn to pick the perfect one for your brand. Below, you’ll find a selection of aesthetic fonts that can elevate your creative design.

1. City Mango – Modern Font for Branding

This modern font for branding offers a stylish curly alternative. City Mango is ideal for embedding in clothing brand logos, fashion, skincare product packaging, and even aesthetic projects.

Available in 2 paired font, from serif and handwritten, as well as opentype formats, City Mango has elegant characteristics and reminds you of the timeless beauty of Cleopatra. A tip: if you want a more fashionable look, insert stylish alternates between words.

2. Classy Vogue, the Stylish Serif

Classy Vogue is a display serif font with a touch of luxury and sophistication. Versatile with its beautiful style, this font is undoubtedly a perfect choice for various designs, especially those focused on branding.

Whether you’re working on a packaging design, logo, invitation, or other creative endeavor, Classy Vogue is a font that will quickly meet your needs and leave a lasting impression.

3. Aqala Display Font

Like a design made with love, that is Aqala’s impact on your design. This display font is more than just a font that beautifies your work; it is a work of art meticulously crafted with attention to detail.

Through Aqala, you’ll find a treasure trove of alternate letters and ligatures waiting to be discovered. Selecting the ones that resonate with your creative vision allows you to craft a display font that perfectly aligns with your unique aesthetic preferences.

It’s an ideal choice for those working on clothing branding, editorial content, product packaging, logo design, magazine headers, or simply seeking a stylish text overlay to enhance the visual appeal of any background image.

4. Frastha Display Serif Font

Frastha is a unique display serif font that offers a versatile spectrum of 7 weights, from thin to bold. Ideal for branding, posters, logo design, labels, magazines, merchandise, invitations, presentations, advertisements, or even inspirational quotes, Frastha is your go-to choice for stunning results.

Frastha is one of the best aesthetic fonts that brings elegance and versatility to typographic projects. It’s the perfect companion for anyone seeking to make a lasting impression and create visually stunning designs across various mediums.

5. Cyrano – Serif typeface

Cyrano is a distinct serif typeface designed for modern projects with a European flair. Each letter has been precisely created to give your text a stylish and lovely look. This font is suitable for delivering refined and chic logos, titles, and magazine layouts for fashion-related businesses. Cyrano is the secret to elegantly infusing European refinement into your work.

6. Romantic – The ELegant, Aesthetic Serif Font

Romantic Serif is a sophisticated display serif font with curled tails and a unique look ideal for various purposes. The design was inspired by romantic vibes and transformed into a modern yet luxurious design. This typeface looks stunning and will fit well in any design project.

It is an excellent choice for posters, logos, crafts, books, branding, print templates, quotes, packaging, invitations, product labels, advertising, and more. The package only comes in uppercase (no lowercase) and includes symbols, punctuation, ligatures, numerals, and stylistic alternates. This font is PUA encoded, so you can easily access the lovely glyphs and swashes!

7. Glamour Chic – The Elegant Serif

Discover Glamour Chic, an elegant all-caps serif font designed to infuse your projects with style. Its unique feature allows you to blend uppercase and lowercase letters in the same word seamlessly.

Plus, with ligatures, your designs will exude even more charm and allure. Embrace its versatility, as Glamour Chic supports multiple languages, making it the perfect choice for various stunning and attractive projects.

8. Pastel Orange

Introducing Pastel Orange, one of the stunning aesthetic fonts recommended for your design. It is a modern display serif font with a feminine and retro flair while adding an elegant feel to your artwork. This font is perfect for creating eye-catching branding, logos, packaging, posters, and more.

Pastel Orange offers various alternative characters in lowercase and uppercase, including ligatures, providing numerous design ideas. The package includes full lowercase, uppercase, punctuation, numbers, and multilingual support.

9. Brolimo Typeface

Meet the Brolimo, a versatile collection comprising 14 unique styles, from thin to heavy. This sleek and classy typeface is designed to capture your target audience and infuse your designs with a seamless blend of modernity and luxury, creating a simple yet enchanting character that exudes sophistication. These fonts perfectly match design concepts centered around luxury, elegance, fashion, romance, and more.

You’re now set to select the ideal aesthetic font for your branding, and we’ve compiled a list of nine top recommended aesthetic fonts. This selection will guide you in creating an outstanding head-turner design.

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