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How to Add New Fonts GoodNotes, Plus Cool Recommendations

Fonts GoodNotes makes us all fall in love all over again with handwriting. GoodNotes has been a popular note-taking and digital handwriting application used on iOS devices like iPads.

With this app, we are able to create and annotate digital documents or notebooks using fancy handwriting, images, text, and more. Even though fonts GoodNotes don’t have wide variations of typography, there are still ways to add cool and cute fonts to GoodNotes.

Keep reading to learn how and what great font recommendations to add to your GoodNotes app!

Where to Find Cool Fonts for Your GoodNotes

Most of you surely want to add a cute and unique font for your journals or planners. Pretty fonts can make your diary or writings on GoodNotes stand out even when you don’t have any cute elements, such as stickers or pictures.

There are some places where you can get fonts GoodNotes for free or paid. However, free fonts can only be used for personal use, such as iPad journals, notepads, or planners. Meanwhile, paid fonts are more flexible. You can almost use it for any app.

To find free fonts for your GoodNotes, you can check iFont, AnyFont, FontBundles, Dafont, Font Squirrel, and Befonts. As for paid typography for wider selections, visit Etsy, Creative Market, FontBundles, or HansCo Studio.

How to Add New Fonts to Your GoodNotes

There are two methods you can try here. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Adding New Fonts Using iFont

iFont and AnyFont are two of the apps where you can add new fonts for free. Here are the steps:

  • Download and install iFont or AnyFont to your iPad. These apps are free to download. However, there are some additional features that should be purchased.
  • Select and import your favorite font. After installing the app, first familiarize yourself with the app’s interface. Later, start looking for the font you like. Once you find it, import the font to your storage device.
  • Install and authorize the font to your device setting. Select Install to the font you’ve saved and set the font as your VPN & Profile in your iPad’s settings.
  • Utilize the new font in GoodNotes. Once you’ve opened your profile, open GoodNotes, and you will see the new font in the available fonts. You can also use the new font for other compatible applications.

Method 2: Download Fonts From Websites

Use the second method to get new cool fonts on some websites, such as DaFont, Fontspace, Befonts, Creative Market, and more. Here are the simple steps:

  • Download the font. The first step is visiting the website and searching for the desired font. Make sure whether the fonts are available for free or purchase.
  • Download and install the font. The second step is installing the font you have downloaded. Save the font as .ttf, .otf, or .zip file on your iPad. After that, click Import and select the saved typography.
  • Allow and approve the installation on your device.
  • Test the font in the app. Once you have installed the font, give it a try in GoodNotes. Keep in mind that some fonts may require a commercial license fee.

If you download more than one new font on your device, you will be asked which font you would like to import. To be able to use all the newly downloaded scripts, checkmark them one by one and tap the import blue button.

How to Choose the Best Fonts

Before jumping to cool font recommendations, it is important to select the perfect typefaces for your GoodNotes. Whether your taste is probably your only consideration or you need to make sure your journals will deliver the content perfectly, here are some factors to consider when picking out a font:

1. Legibility

The first important thing is ensuring your text is easy to read and legible. Some decorative fonts are only perfect for titles or headlines.

2. Copy Length

Make sure your typeface size is perfect with the length of your text. If you have a long text, it is better to go with simpler ones.

3. Special Features

Some fonts offer special features such as small caps, fractions, multiple figure styles, alternate characters, and more.

4. Think Outside of the Box

Never afraid to try something new and different. Experimenting with typefaces and fonts will always be a fun thing to do. Therefore, use something that you’ve never tried before.

Best Custom Fonts GoodNotes

Some classic and timeless fonts will elevate your digital writing. Besides looking good and decorative, a good font is also legible. You should also consider whether you wish to add elegance or creativity to your notes.

While you can always use the default fonts, using custom fonts will boost the visual feel of your notes. It will also help you organize your content effectively. Choosing different types of typography for your title, sub-title, and regular text will also make your notes more readable and well-structured.

To help you among the numerous options, here are some of the best fonts. GoodNotes:

1. Chocolate RootBeer

You can get this font in Creative Market. The playful and classic style will remind you of your teacher’s handwriting. The lively round at some letter’s end will jazz up your notes or journals. The readability is also superb.

2. Cutie Kitty

The first recommended font for GoodNotes is Cutie kitty from HansCo Studio. Although this font is available for free peronal and commercial license, you won’t regret selecting this script type. As the name suggests, Cutie kitty will cute – pretty and warn warm-hearted feel.

3. High Born

High Born is an all-caps sans and ultra-light font. If you are looking for something cute and quirky, High Born is the answer. High Born is perfect for texts that need a feminine touch. You can get this font in Creative Market.

4. August

Another all-caps font is August. One thing that makes August different from the other is its flower-themed style. This gorgeous font will make your content look extraordinary. Even with its floral accent, August is very easy to read.

5. The Secret Things

If you feel like creating text with scratchy handwriting, the Secret Thing is the font for you. This font’s relaxed and natural flair makes your journal seem like handwritten.

6. Honeyfarm

Honeyfarm font can be downloaded on creativemarket. Honeyfarm is recreating a modern handlettered style, which also brings a contemporary atmosphere. This font is no doubt enhancing the beauty of your written work.

7. Stick mono

The next font GoodNotes recommendation is Stick mono, which can be purchased on Etsy. This stylish and elegant typeface can bring both a modern and nostalgic feel.

8. Special Argument

Special Argument replicates lovely handmade written with marker. This font, found on Creative Market, is perfect for personal and commercial use.

9. Note Books

Note Books is perfect for you who are looking for magical handwritten with a little touch of elegance. Note Books looks casual but also fits with any commercial needs. Get this pretty font on Creative Market.

10. Skinny notes

Skinny notes is inspired by ballpoint pen writing. This font will make your notes looking like completely handwritten with a quirky look. Designed by Lollipop hand drawn, Skinny notes is available in both small and capital letters.

11. Dreaming Outloud

Another cool font, GoodNotes, is a fun font designed by MyCreativeLand. Just like its name, Dreaming Outloud like handwriting made with magical ballpoint. This font is perfect if you’re looking for something amusing and eye-catching.

12. Great notes

This font was created by HansCo Studio Fonts and is very simple and pretty. Not only is it perfect for simple text, but Beautiful People Font also looks great for design names or invitations. You can get this font for free personal use on Font Space.

13. Daily Notes

This script style is inspired by 40’s and 50’s advertisements. That is why Daily Notes is great if you’re looking for something with old-school vibes. This font is available in uppercase and lowercase.

14. Flowering

Developed by JuliaVolkova, Flowering is a cute, rounded, and bubbly font. This font comes with a total of 99+ glyphs. Although the design is simple, you can still deliver texts and make bold statements using Indie Flower.

15. Digital Planner

The last recommendation for your GoodNotes is this simple yet stunning font. This font was designed by Lollipop Hand Drawn and is available in uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation. A free version of this font is not available yet.

Font GoodNotes has many kinds of designs and styles. You can select the free ones or licensed ones for more choices. Just enjoy exploring the options, and even though you are looking for something unique, cute, and different, always remember that your text should be easy to read. Hopefully, the recommendations above help you find the best font you need.

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